Parent Learning 2020-2021

What is Title I? How does it benefit my child?

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Please take a look at the videos below, created by the staff at Alton Hall!

These videos were created to provide parents and families with guidance as you help your children at home.

Check back regularly, as more videos are added!

Kindergarten Videos

1st Grade Videos


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Reading One to One

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Reading Workshop

Family Learning Video - Sounding Out vs Stretching Out.webm

Sounding Out vs Stretching Out

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2nd Grade Videos


Addition and Subtraction on a Number Line

3rd Grade Videos

Reading Prompts

Reading Prompts

3 4 6 Multiplication Strategies.mp4

3, 4, 6 Multiplication Strategies

7 8 9 Multiplication Strategies.mp4

7, 8, 9 Multiplication Strategies

4th Grade Videos

iReady Comprehension Check.webm

Comprehension Checks in iReady

How to use Social Studies Weekly.webm

Social Studies Weekly

Checking Google Classroom for Assignments.webm

Checking Google Classroom for missing assignments