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Stefanie Morris, Principal

Blended Learning will begin Tuesday, January 5, 2021

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COVID-19 Reporting

September 9, 2020

Dear Alton Hall Families,

Keeping our students and staff healthy and safe is a high priority at Alton Hall Elementary School. Providing you with information is also a significant aspect of our job.

It is important for you to contact our school attendance line at (614) 801-8001 to let us know within 24 hours if your child has tested positive for COVID-19 or has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Please leave your name, child’s name, grade, and a contact number so you can be contacted for additional information.

Close contact is defined as:

  • Being within 6 feet of someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 for a total of 15 minutes or more

  • Providing care at home to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19

  • Being in direct physical contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 (hugged or kissed them)

  • Sharing eating or drinking utensils with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19

Thank you for helping to keep the members of our school community safe and slow the spread of COVID-19.


Stefanie Morris



Blended Learning, 2020-2021

We are excited to welcome our students back into the building on Sept. 8! Please read the following information carefully and keep for your future records. Many of our policies have changed to ensure staff and student safety while students are here.

In the Blended setting, your child is only coming to school for 2 days per week. The rest of the week they will learn virtually from home. If your child is in the BLUE group, they will come to school on Mondays and Tuesdays (typically). GREEN group students will come to school on Thursdays and Fridays (typically). Please see the Blue/Green calendar on the district website for a breakdown of who comes when. PLEASE NOTE: Because we are starting school on a holiday week, the BLUE GROUP will come to school on Tuesday and Wednesday!

Masks: All students and staff and anyone who enters the building are required to wear a mask while they are in the building and on the bus. We recommend putting an extra mask in your child’s backpack, in case something happens to the one they are wearing!

Chromebook Expectation: Students will need to bring their chromebooks to school every day. Please send the chromebook FULLY CHARGED each morning.

Math Journals: Please send back the math workbook/journal back to school with your child. The teacher will send home pages they need to work on at home on an as needed basis.

Google Meet Norms: Even though students are coming to school, they will still be learning at home as well. Please consider the following tips while your students are learning from home:

  • Students should get up and get ready for the day before their first meeting. This includes getting dressed and doing their personal hygiene routine!

  • Keep in mind that if a student’s microphone is on, the noise in the background can often be heard as well (even if they are wearing headphones). Please be mindful of the background noises in your home including tv noise, appliances, and inappropriate language.

  • When you find a good location for your child to sit, notice what can be seen in the background of their camera. You might be in it unknowingly!

Water Bottles: Students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school instead of using the drinking fountains.

Dropping your child off: We have a drop off lane on in the front of the building that becomes very congested in the morning. We ask that you pull as far forward as possible to let your child out of the car. There will be staff there to assist you and to keep the line moving. Please do not drop off students prior to 8:00, as there is no adult supervision until that time. The front doors of the building will be locked until 8:00. Students are not permitted to wait in the lobby area of the building. If you arrive prior to 8:00, please plan to stay in your car with your child until the doors are unlocked at 8:00. For the safety of our staff and students, we will not be opening car doors for you. Please make sure your child can let themselves out of your car.

Open doors: The only doors that will be open for students to enter in the morning will be the main entrance doors and the back parking lot entrance for walkers and bus riders. Parents will not be permitted to walk their students into the building.

Building entry: Our building is open to students at 8:00. Students begin going to class at 8:00 and our instructional day begins at 8:20 and ends at 2:40.

End of day student pick up (car): If you are picking your child up as a car rider, you must get into the dual car pick up line that forms at the front of the building and generally wraps around the parking lot onto Alton Road. Please remain in your vehicle with patience as we have a system that will get your child to you as quickly and safely as possible. We have school personnel to help with this effort. A staff member will radio into the building and your child will be assigned a number. You will pull forward to stop at the numbered cone given to you by the staff member radioing for your child. To ensure the safety of our students and families, starting on September 21, all cars in the pick-up line must have a sign on their dashboard that designates you as an adult who is authorized to pick up the children you are waiting for. Our pick-up duty staff will be passing out “order forms” for these signs for the first couple weeks of school when you come to pick up you child. We will then custom print a car sign for each family who requests it. You may request up to two signs. If you do not have a sign, you will be asked to park your car in the lot and show your ID to a staff member before your student is called out. At that time, you may request a sign for future use. Parents may not come into the building to pick up children. If you need to speak to the office, please call.

End of day student pick up (walker): If you are picking up your child as a walker, you must wait for them at the back of the building (bus lot doors). Once students are dismissed, your child will meet you outside. Please be mindful of the social distancing requirements while waiting!

Change in transportation for students: If you need to change what is the normal afternoon transportation for your child, we must have a written note that a student gives to his/her teacher in the morning. Please refrain from calling to change transportation in the middle of the day.

Tardies: If a student enters the building after 8:20, he/she must stop at the office and sign in and they will be marked tardy. Even if you are sitting in the drop off line at 8:10, if your child is not in the building at 8:20 he/she is considered tardy. Please try to arrive early enough that your child does not have to sign in before going to class.

Parking: Please do not park in the handicap spaces unless you have a handicap designation for your vehicle. Additionally, please do not park in the striped spaces next to the designated handicap spaces. Those spaces are designed to allow additional room for those who need to park in the designated handicap spaces and are not to be used for parking.

Visitor Policy: To ensure staff and student safety, visitors will not be permitted in the building this year.

Meeting with your child’s teachers: At 8:20 your child’s teacher becomes responsible for all of our students in our hallways and in their classroom until school dismisses. We ask that if you wish to meet with your child’s teacher you schedule a Google Meet appointment with them.

Food Consumption at School: South-Western City Elementary Schools will not accept cupcakes, cookies or any other birthday party foods to be distributed during class time. Balloons and other arrangements that cannot fit into your child’s backpack are not appropriate for school and are not allowed on the bus. For the safety of all students we will not be accepting food donations from home for any event during the school day unless specifically asked for and reviewed by school staff.

The staff at Alton Hall Elementary want you to know that we are passionate about the safety and well being of every child at our school and have set these procedures for the safety and well being of all of our students. Please feel free to contact us with any concerns you may have throughout the school year.

We look forward to an AWESOME year!

Alton Hall Elementary Staff

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The most recent information regarding school closings, and electronic teaching and learning can be found on the homepage of our district Website at Thank you for your patience as we work to keep our students safe and learning.

Infinite Campus (IC) is the District’s Internet-based student information system. Important features of IC are the Parent Portal and NEW Mobile App. Through the IC tools parents are able to access their child’s information, such as class schedules, attendance, academic reports, transportation information, coursework, and put funds in their child’s food service account online. Parents can also designate how and where they wish to receive emergency communications, attendance calls, general announcement messages, and e-mail messages from teachers, the school, and the school district.

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Language Assistance Notification:

South-Western City Schools will take reasonable steps to ensure that persons with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) have meaningful access and an equal opportunity to participate in all services, activities, and programs available throughout the district. It is the policy of SWCSD to ensure meaningful communication with LEP students and families and to communicate information related to the education of all students. All services needed to comply with this policy will be provided for students and their families in need of such assistance free of charge. For assistance, please call 614-801-8000.

En Español:

South-Western City Schools tomará medidas razonables para garantizar que las personas con dominio limitado del inglés (LEP) tengan un acceso significativo y una oportunidad equitativa de participar en todos los servicios, actividades y programas disponibles en todo el distrito. Es política de SWCSD asegurar una comunicación significativa con los estudiantes LEP y sus familias y comunicar información relacionada con la educación de todos los estudiantes. Todos los servicios necesarios para cumplir con esta política se proporcionarán a los estudiantes y sus familias que necesiten dicha asistencia sin cargo. Para obtener ayuda, llame al 614-801-8000.

In Somali:

South-Western City Schools waxay qaadi doonaan talaabooyin macquul ah si loo hubiyo in shaqsiyaadka aqoonta u leh Ingiriisiga xadidan (LEP) ay helaan macno leh iyo fursad loo siman yahay inay kaga qaybgalaan dhammaan adeegyada, waxqabadyada, iyo barnaamijyada laga heli karo dhammaan degmada. Waa nidaamka SWCSD in la hubiyo in xiriir macno leh lala yeesho ardayda LEP iyo qoysaskooda loona gudbiyo macluumaadka la xiriira waxbarashada ardayda oo dhan. Dhammaan adeegyada lagama maarmaanka u ah u hoggaansanaanta siyaasaddan waxaa la siin doonaa ardayda iyo qoysaskooda u baahan caawimaaddaas oo bilaash ah. Caawimaad, wac 614-801-8000.