Policies and Procedures


Alton Hall welcomes you as part of our school family and encourages parental, guardian and community involvement. We would like to take this opportunity to share our procedures that are in place to provide the best possible safe environment for your child. (For our returning families, some of these procedures may be different than in years past.)

Change in transportation for students: If you need to change what is the normal afternoon transportation for your child, we must have a written note that a student gives to his/her teacher in the morning or a guardian come to the office in person. We cannot take request over the phone.  Your child’s safety is our number one priority.

Dropping your child off: We have a drop off lane on in the front of the building that becomes very congested in the morning. We ask that you pull as far forward as possible to let your child out of the car. There will be staff there to assist you and to keep the line moving. Students may not be let out of a vehicle in the parking lot unless an adult is walking with them to or from the building.  

Building Security ~ doors: The only doors that will be open for students to enter in the morning will be the main entrance doors and the back parking lot entrance for walkers and bus riders. If you are walking your child into the building, please use the main entrance, so we do not have unfamiliar faces in the hallways for staff or students. All doors, except for the main entrance, will be locked at 8:20.

Walking your child to class: If parents would like to walk their child to his/her classroom, you may do so from August 24- 30. On Wednesday, August 31, all students will begin walking to class by themselves.

Building entry: Our building is open to students at 8:00. Bus riders and students that are dropped off go to the gym until 8:10. Students begin going to class at 8:10 and our instructional day begins at 8:20 and ends at 2:35. At the end of our day the car riders and walkers will be released first, then our bus riders are released through our back parking lot doors.

End of day student pick up (car):  If you are picking your child up as a car rider, you must get into the car pick up line that forms at the front of the building and generally wraps around the parking lot onto Alton and Hall roads. Please remain in your vehicle with patience as we have a system that will get your child to you as quickly and safely as possible. We have school personnel to help with this effort. A staff member will radio into the building and your child will be assigned a number. You will pull forward to stop at the numbered cone given to you by the staff member radioing for your child.

End of day student pick up (walker): If you are picking up your child as a walker, you must wait for them at the back of the building (bus lot doors). Students will be dismissed to walk and your child will meet you outside of the building.

Tardies: In the past, we have had a significant number of tardy students each day. If a student enters the building after 8:20, he/she must stop at the office and sign in and they will be marked tardy. Even if you are sitting in the drop off line at 8:10, if your child is not in his/her classroom at 8:20 he/she is considered tardy. Please try to arrive early enough that your child does not to have to sign in before going to class.

Visitor ID System: Whether you are a volunteer, eating lunch with your child, picking up a child,  or doing a presentation for a class, you will need to enter through the main entrance and check in at the office. If our office staff does not recognize you, you will be asked to show a photo Id and then proceed to our Visitor ID computer to have a badge made that must be worn at all times while you are in our building.

Class visits: We welcome you to visit your child’s classroom, but in order to avoid interruptions and disruptions to our students’ education we ask that you make prior arrangements with your child’s teacher.

Meeting with your child’s teachers:  At 8:20 your child’s teacher becomes responsible for all of our students in our hallways and in their classroom until school dismisses. We ask that if you wish to meet with your child’s teacher you schedule an appointment by e-mail or phone so the teacher can meet during a time when he/she is available.

Lunch with your child: At any point in our school year you are welcome to join your child for lunch. We ask that you sign in the office and wait until your child’s class is in the cafeteria to join him/ her. After lunch we ask that you sign out in the office. Please do not go to recess with your child or walk your child back to his/ her classroom.

Food Consumption at School: South-Western City Elementary Schools will not accept cupcakes, cookies or any other birthday party foods to be distributed during class time.  Balloons and other arrangements that cannot fit into your child’s backpack are not appropriate for school and are not allowed on the bus. For the safety of all students we will not be accepting food donations from home for any event during the school day unless specifically asked for and reviewed by school staff.  The principal and PTA’s will work together to develop a process that provides food for classroom parties.

The staff at Alton Hall Elementary want you to know that we are passionate about the safety and well being of every child at our school. Our procedures are for the safety and well being of all of our students. Please feel free to contact our office, teachers or the principal with any concerns you may have throughout the school year.

We look forward to an AWESOME year!